Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Bio Sculpture Gel is a leader in professional nail care with a five star safety rating. This unique one-step system, strengthens and promotes the growth of healthy natural nails, with an easy soak off system that provides protection to nails in 10 mins. These products are Vegan, non-toxic and animal cruelty free.

What is Bio Sculpture?

Bio Sculpture is a non-chip nail treatment that can be applied to any nail type, much like a regular nail polish. The gel-like substance is formulated without any toxic chemicals (meaning it’s free from acrylic, formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP), and is designed to act as a protective layer to your own nails, treating and improving the overall health of your nails while simultaneously providing a smudge- and chip-free nail finish.

How does Bio Sculpture work?

Before application, your nails will be minimally buffed with a sponge file – no other primers, nail dehydrators or pH balancers will be needed to help the gel adhere to your natural nail.

During application, the Bio Sculpture gel is applied directly over the natural nail, much like a polish, mimicking the natural movements and flexibility of your nails, keeping them perfectly protected with a non-chip finish. There are no toxic fumes, odours or smells released during the application process.

Once applied, the Bio Sculpture gel dries within two minutes under a special Australian Safety Tested UV lamp. There are over 100 non-chip acetone-free nail polishes, as well as French and clear finishes, to choose from within the Bio Sculpture polish range. These can be painted straight onto the Bio Sculpture gel and can last for up to four weeks on fingernails, and over eight weeks on toenails.

Viv & Dzi are fully qualified professional nail technicians. At Azula beauty we genuinely care and customise our services to suit all your nail needs. Our ongoing training ensures you are receiving the latest techniques and quality products available ensuring excellence in our work.